Meet Melissa: A Multi-Passionate, Creative Entrepreneur with a Thing for Spreadsheets 

Melissa Gardner is the Founder & CEO of Administrative Concierge Services, LLC. Melissa partners with small business owners to help produce revenue and engage their audiences, mainly through email marketing. Melissa is the "missing piece" that business owners need to get a view from the outside and she encourages conversation so she can to get to know the particular needs and goals of a business and then helps to spur growth and success.


Melissa leads with strategic thinking, followed by relationship building and executing. With a natural curiosity, a love for challenges and an ability to absorb information quickly, Melissa is an asset to any industry. People tend to seek her out because her helpful insights makes them to think in new ways and she is always ready to offer her knowledge, skills and ideas to make something better.


Melissa a creative and multi-passionate entrepreneur with a love of order and spreadsheets. Her firm specializes in digital marketing to include: email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, graphic design and virtual event production. With every client, Melissa produces measurable results and constantly strives for excellence and efficiency in execution.