Melissa Gardner is the Founder & CEO of Administrative Concierge Services, LLC. Melissa supports other small business owners by managing and executing the necessary daily tasks of the business with efficiency and excellence so owners can have more time to focus on their business and their lives. Melissa encourages conversation so she can to get to know the particular needs and goals of a business and then help to spur growth and success. Melissa also aids small businesses to communicate and market their brand by facilitatingtheir social media pages and by identifying and developing partnerships.


In her past life as a financial educator, Melissa was appointed by the Governor of Maryland in 2012 to serve as the Credit Union Representative on the Maryland Financial Education and Capabilities Commission for an inaugural three-year term. Melissa has managed programs for local, national and international companies large and small. She has also saved businesses thousands of dollars, planned successful and sold-out events, used technology to solve data and logistical problems and created more streamlined and accurate processes. Her favorite businesses are the startups and those that have hit a "plateau" (meaning a business with "rockstar" owners with great ideas and plans but need help with bringing those plans to life).


Melissa likes to read and play word games and puzzles - anything to keep her mind occupied and challenged. Somewhat of a stickler for grammar and order, Melissa still knows how to take it easy and not get uptight (although she DOES text with full sentences and punctuation most of the time). Melissa loves her family and really enjoys cooking, planning events and entertaining.

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